SCLDesigns Multiplication Grid


Multiplication Grid

A strength of the multiplication grid approach to learning multiplication tables is that it focuses the user on those sums they find the hardest. Because the answers can be entered in any order, the user can enter those answers they are confident of and those that are easier, first. This quickly identifies those answers that cause particular problems.

When the grid is completed it is marked, which serves to identify weaknesses by focusing the user on the calculations that they initially answered incorrectly.  After several attempts at a grid, gaps in knowledge quickly become apparent.


The app allows multiple users who then have their own separate record of their top 10 scores for each of the three grid types.  The times for the user who is logged-in can be viewed by pressing the ‘Times’ button in the top righthand corner of the screen.  As an individual becomes more proficient at completing the gird, the time they take to complete the grid will decrease, providing an indication of their progress.


The rationale for this function is that users may vary considerably in age and/or ability. This way, each user then has their own top 10 times for each type of grid, so they are not competing against each other, only with themselves.  If only one person uses the app or does not wish to have individual user times, they do not need to create different user accounts.

When the app starts it automatically logs in the user as 'Guest'.  If you wish to add new user, press ‘Log In’ and then ‘New User’ where you can enter a user name and password.

When you create a new user you are automatically logged in as that user.  This new user will then appear in the list of users in the ‘Log In’ popover window.

The password can be left blank, meaning that no password would be required to log in.  This is the case for the default ‘Guest’ user.